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DT-ALWP3 Apex Locator

Product ID:DT-ALWP3


1.Equipped with clear bright LCD, clear image and different color indicate the trajectory of the file clearly.
2.Based on advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement technology and automatic calibrating ensures the measurements are accurate.
3.The accessories of the “WOODPEX III” can be autoclaved under the high temperature and high pressure. Avoiding cross infection effectively.
4.The battery is rechargeable, don’t need replace the battery repeatedly.
·Folding, easy to adjust the visual angle. 

5.When the file reached the front region of the apical foramen, the white bars displayed. 

6.When the file has gone to the position near by the apical foramen, the green bars displayed.  

7.When the file has exceeded the apical forament, the red bars displayed. A continuous beep sound will be generated at the same time 

Technical Specifications: 

 Battery: 3.7V/750mAh
Power consumption: ≤0.5W
Screen: 4.5" LCD
Main unit weight: 336g
Dimensions: 84mm×88mm×112mm

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