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DT-FS01 Face shield

Product ID:DT-FS01
DT-FS01 Face shield

Anti virus flu coronavirus protective face shield 

(Anti-fog isolation face shield)


1. Material: Double anti-fog PET and thick sponge

2. Size for adult: 33*22cm

  Size for children: 30*19cm

3. Application range: Used in laboratories, hospital, dental clinic, chemical plants, domestic and public places, etc.


1. Anti-dizzinesss

2. Safe and light, easy to carry

3. High temperature resistance, impact resistance

4. Face shields typically cover the entire face and are secured over or around the head with an adjustable band.

5. A face shield is frequently used in medical applications to protect the face and eyes from the splattering or splashing of bio-hazardous fluids.

6.The face shield is reusable, but you should sterilize the outer field after going out every time.

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